Wound, Ostomy and Incontinence Nurses Society (YOİHD) is a professional organisation establihed with the aim of enhancing Wound, Ostomy and İncontinence Nursing; supporting the nurses who are delivering healthcare for the individuals with the problems of wound, ostomy and/or incontinence as well as promoting professional improvement.

YOİHD has been established in Ankara in the year 2008 and has been conducting various activities in specified areas such as nursing healthcare, education and training, management and regulations, etc.

Activities such as organising congresses, seminars, workshops and symposiums; cooperation with related national and international organisations and institutions; planning researches and projects; organising competitions and awards; educational sponsorships in related fields; conducting in-service training programs; advocating healthcare rights of patients; training patients and their families are among its activities laid down by regulations.

In order to have detailed information about YOİHD, please find a contact e-mail address in the following: [email protected]